ICHBA Benefit Breakfast

We  invite all to participate in the benefit breakfast 8 am on Saturday, morning April 14th, to benefit two individuals in the Cedar City area.  

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Jake Zeigler: On January 1st our brother, friend, and mentor, Jake Ziegler, had a seizure and  was taken to the hospital where tests revealed a Stage 4 Glioblastoma Brain Tumor, a highly aggressive form of brain cancer that is ultimately incurable. In January , he underwent a craniotomy to remove as much of the tumor as possible, and was scheduled to start chemotherapy and radiation in hopes of extending his time with his wife, 10 month old daughter, family, friends and students.

Jake Ziegler is 43 years old and lives in Cedar City, UT. He has been married to his best friend, Heather, for 8 years and together, they welcomed their daughter, through In Vitro, in March 2017. Until diagnosis, Jake was a teacher at Canyon View High School also teaching driver education, and has coached many kids in baseball, golf, and football over the past 20 years.  Jake has always been one of the first people there whenever anyone is needed. He takes part in many community events and enjoys giving back when he is able. The news of Jake’s illness has been felt far and wide and impacts many.

Jake and Heather are a vital part of this community. The financial burden of treatments placed on them will be extensive and only increase. His ability to return to work is unknown, and this benefit will help him and his family.  

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Erik Bettridge: On Saturday October 25, 2007 Erik was 14 was injured while riding his motorcycle and wrecked when he didn’t see an irrigation ditch. Erik was life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital with a Traumatic Brain Injury. Erik was unconscious for 6 weeks after surgery to relieve brain swelling. When Erik awoke he was completely incapacitated and was only able to communicate by blinking his eyes.  After 3 months at Primary Children’s, Erik was moved to a Rehab Hospital for therapies for another 3 months to restore functionality. Eventually, without progress at another long term facility, Erik can home for his family to provide care, and hope for any improvement.

Even though the therapy has been ongoing for the last 10 years, Erik’s progress was slowing down and he had not been able to speak since the accident. Finally, 2 years ago, Erik’s doctor referred the family to a specialist for an experimental procedure called Neuro-Feedback. This procedure re-stimulates the brain using high frequency pulses to direct new pathways.   

Within two months after Neuro-Feedback began,the most amazing thing happened…after 8 years, His mother “got to hear my son’s voice”.  He started speaking. He started out with 1 word at a time and then that turned in 2 words and so on. He started counting to 10 and saying his ABCs. His Mother said, “I’m not sure if I can describe what that felt like or how grateful you feel for something that most people would deem insignificant. It is still difficult to understand him, but it is so good to hear his voice again.” Erik is able to walk with a cane.  He still struggles, but it is a vast improvement after being wheelchair bound.

The goal is to take Erik back for more Neuro-feedback on the brain to restore his reading and writing, and also improve his speech and hopefully improve his balance. Erik’s goal is to be independent, his family’s goal is to help him.   The treatments recommended by his doctor are expensive, but with the progress so far, the expectations are high for additional and significant progress.


To help raise money for these two people, a breakfast will be cooked by the Iron County HBA Board of Directors, and sponsored by Funder Welding, Harris Custom Cabinets and Flooring Design Center, Southern Utah Seal Coating, and Proforma Business Communications.  

A donation of $5 per person is requested for full breakfast. All proceeds will be donated to these worthy causes.