Turn Your Basement into the Ultimate Kids’ Playroom

Dealing with your kids’ endless energy and a pile of toys can become a bit challenging after a while, especially if this all happens in your living room or kitchen. This is where a basement makeover can come in handy. Turning your basement space into a child’s playroom doesn’t have to be an expensive investment considering that the basement will probably change its purpose once your kids hit their teen years. Not to mention that you don’t actually have to buy more toys (apart from the usual) specifically for the playground as kids already have their toys – unless you want to and have a specific theme in mind, of course. Basically, the most important thing in this makeover is your creativity.

Figure out the layout

If your kids are very young, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on them during their playtime. Because of that, you will have to consider the layout of the basement carefully so that you can effectively match the playground area and the adult space. In general, the most effective thing you can do for the adult area is to position a couch and a TV/computer so that it faces the playground area. Before you start bringing the stuff into the basement, make sure that you have the whole layout figured out. If you don’t have extra furniture for your basement, don’t hesitate to check the offers at flea markets and thrift stores.

Tend to the floor

kid's playroom

Flooring is a very important aspect of the basement playground. After all, you have various aspects to think about. For starters, you shouldn’t forget that the space you’re working with is still a basement. This means that the risk of flooding is always possible. Not to mention that children playing and running around is usually a recipe for some accident involving a floor disaster. With that said, using vinyl square tiles for flooring in this case may be your best option as these tiles are available in a variety of colors and patterns but are easy to replace if necessary. However, you may want something soft for your kids to spend time on at least in one area of the playground. So, instead of opting for wall-to-wall carpeting, go with an area rug. There are plenty of interesting learning rugs for kids available as well.

Add as much functional storage as possible

A lot of parents tend to forget about storage in all their creativity, but kids need to have plenty of storage space so that they can store and display their toys properly and gradually learn how to be tidy. What’s more, if you had some things you wanted to keep in your basement prior to turning it into a playroom, you’ll also want to have space to store them. Multifunctional furniture such as benches that open up is a great solution for this. Of course, having plenty of shelves is always welcome. If you can’t really work your way around the design of your basement playground while keeping the storage, the adult and kids’ area layout, and functionality in mind, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from Millbrook Homes professional designers or check the design galleries for inspiration.  

Keep the furniture simple

As mentioned, if you don’t have extra furniture for the basement, most definitely spend some time at flea markets and thrift stores. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also probably find some great pieces as well. This is especially true for kids’ furniture pieces and details that obviously won’t be necessary forever. When it comes to the rest of the needed furniture, try to keep things as simple and neutral as possible. After all, the chances are that your kids will want to redecorate or repurpose them when they get older.

Have fun with the walls

painted wall

When it comes to walls, you can literally do whatever you feel like. After all, repainting is the easiest DIY of them all, and it’s really simple to change the look of the whole space quickly. So, if you want to give your kids a colorful playground, proceed with doing exactly that. Wall murals and chalk walls are definitely a very interesting addition to the playground. But, on the other hand, if you really don’t want to deal with colorful paint, keep the walls neutral but make the most out of them by hanging colorful posters and wall art your kids would absolutely love.

If you get stuck for ideas at some point, feel free to ask your kids about what they want. This is especially important when you’re choosing the color and/or overall theme of the playground, images for the murals and posters, etc. That way you can be sure that they will be thrilled and excited to spend their time there.

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