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Triple S Polaris

Booth 64 Contact: Colton and Whitney Francis
Address 110 W 535 S Cedar City UT 84720 Phone: 435-559-6424 Website: Triple S
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Business Information

Triple S is a Polaris dealership located at 110 W. 535 S., Cedar City, UT. Triple S was really the first in all of Utah to establish themselves as a Polaris dealership that the community trusted and enjoyed visiting. Triple S is known for going out with great customer service, going on customers on rides, tuning up their machines, and having a good time. Triple S moved to Cedar City in 2011 and has been beating out the competition since. More recently, in 2018, the Triple S was purchased from Jack & Suzie Hubble by Colton Francis and his wife Whitney. Colton has been with Triple S since its opening in Cedar back in 2011. Colton is originally from Morgan, UT and Whitney is a native of Cedar City. They are anxious and eager to make their positive impact on the community and rise up to the demand and customer service that their customers need.

With Polaris continuing to lead the market over its competitors, stop by and check them out!