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Finney Farm

Booth 20 Contact: Nathan Jessop
Address 2958 So. Old Highway 91. Kanarraville UT 84742 Phone: 435-231-1015 Website: Finney Farms
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Finney Farm provides dairy products made at their farm: Raw Milk, Cheese Curds, Artisan Cheese, Yogurt, and our best selling frozen yogurt. The Brown Swiss cow originally came from Switzerland and is genetically traced back further than any other cattle breed. They have some great genetic properties and a higher casein content with a smaller curd giving them the best-tasting milk. Brown Swiss cattle have a perfect and consistent fat to protein ratio. Because of this, we can make the best cheese. They are big, broad cows that have an average lactation period of 13 years. Right now at Finney Farms we are milking 52 cows and have 35 heifers. All of these cows are grass fed because we want to keep them healthy and producing the finest product for you! What you put in the cow is what comes out, so we only use the best!

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