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Booth 57 Contact: Josh Harris
Home 204 Playa Della Rosita Washington Utah 84780 Home Phone: 435-319-4060 Website: Legend Solar
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Legend Solar is an “Elite” dealer for SunPower, a premiere solar panel provider for 30 years. Legend has grown from St. George area to northern Utah, and is the number one fastest growing SunPower dealer in the United States. Co-founders Shaun Alldredge Sr. and Shane Perkins attribute their company’s success to a few things:

First, solar power is available at no added cost. “We wanted to find a product that made a bill people already paid, better,” Perkins says. Everyone already pays their power bill. Switching to solar power does not add an additional utilities cost.

Second, customer satisfaction is a priority. Legend Solar customers get a production guarantee — if solar panels are not producing enough energy, Legend will write a check to make it right. Legend Solar team members stay in touch with customers after installation to make sure the customers are completely satisfied.

Third, the time is right.  In Dec 2015, Congress extended Incentive Tax Credits to businesses and homeowners for a 30 % tax credit on the costs of solar installation. This tax credit, combined with Legend’s affordable monthly installments, makes solar power comparable to, if not less than, the standard monthly power bill. And this is power that customers actually own. “Solar power is absolutely the best for customers,” Perkins says. “It puts you in a position of choice and ownership”.

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