Jonah Banks

Jonah Banks is an eleven-year-old who loves to be outdoors playing football, basketball and other sports, camping, building and creating things. He has a very creative and inventive mind and uses his hands well. He also enjoys carving wood and learning and performing magic tricks. He’s a great artist and loves to draw, he plays the piano and is a soft spoken, kind-hearted young man. 

Jonah was diagnosed with cancer on Feb. 11, 2018. He was ten years old and in the fifth grade. After being sick for a few months, a mass was found in his chest and immediate care was taken to cure his cancer up at Primary Children’s Hospital. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 3 cancer. Jonah underwent five chemo treatments, three weeks of radiation and four blood transfusions over the span of six months. Shortly into his chemo treatments, he got septic shock, was life flighted and almost lost his life.  He was really sick a few other times as well. He is a fighter and never complained. As a family, we experienced many blessings and miracles during this challenging time and will be forever grateful for the support and love of family and friends. 

Jonah is currently doing very well and has tests every three to six months with cat scans, blood work, echocardiograms and more. He will be tested closely for five years and then tested one time a year for the rest of his life.