ICHBA Benefit Breakfast

Benefit Breakfast for Paityn Carver.

By: Jaymi Carver

Paityn Carver is an active and super-sweet, 12-year old girl. She’s the middle child of five to Josh and Jaymi Carver of Cedar City. From day one Paityn has been a gentle and kind person who instinctively recognizes the needs of those around her. As a toddler when someone else was hurt she would literally cry for them.  One family fishing trip Paityns’ older sister Kamryn was the first to catch a fish, as soon as she reeled it to the shore she grabbed her line and the fish flopped off sending the hook straight into her sisters hand. Her sister began to scream. At the same time her brother Jaden caught a fish and the family dog tried to take the fish from his line, so he began to scream too. Mom was holding their two week old baby girl Pyper who began to cry when mom went to help out sister. So of course Paityn began to cry uncontrollably too. Dad was out on the lake in his float tube and quickly paddled his way back at the sound of his entire family crying and screaming at shore. When all kids were taken care of and Paityn was asked why she had been crying, her response was simply “because Kamryn got hurt!”

If someone is rude to Paityn or makes her mad, she will still be the first to apologize and the first one to forgive. She is always the first one to share, and the first to offer to help. She loves to play with her two younger sisters Pyper and Amira, she does their hair, feeds, bathes and entertains them.

Paityn is an athlete and has played competitive soccer with her awesome team Southern Utah Premier since she was 8 yrs old. She also dreams of dancing and is a natural talent at it. Paityns’ teachers all say she’s one of their best students. She makes friends easily, and is respectful and accepting of everyone. She never misses a chance to give you a hug or tell you she loves you or offer to give you a back massage.

Last fall, after another successful soccer season Paityn went to a well check at her Pediatricians office. Paityn appeared to be a healthy physically active young girl with only one small complaint. She quite frequently had stomach aches. There were really no other significant symptoms at this time and she ended up unexpectedly having to get her 7th grade immunizations that day. She extremely upset and uncooperative so the mention of stomach aches quickly seemed to be a result of anxiety. Funny thing is the only time Paityn ever really acts out is for the dentist or the doctor. She has an absolute fear of needles!

The week after her appointment she began missing school. She was very fatigued, pale and started losing weight at an alarming rate. Two weeks later she went back to the doctor and had lost around 7lbs. Some routine labs were done that didn’t show anything significant, but she kept getting worse. Paityn did everything in her power to try and convince her parents she was ok. She went to school as much as she could tolerate. Even still those around her started to notice the change in her personality and appearance. It would upset her quite a bit when people would ask her questions about it. Her family and friends helplessly witnessed her continuous deterioration. Her parents decided to try a different doctor, the doctor spent hours trying to make Paityn feel comfortable and safe but Paityn was so truly afraid of the doctors and that they were going to tell her she was dying that she just didn’t cooperate and not much further progress was made at diagnosing her.

She began to lose interest in everything. She no longer had any will to survive.  She had almost completely stopped eating, and the doctors now believed she was anorexic. As her Mom I just didn’t see it as such and just couldn’t rest until everything was ruled out. The saying hind sight is 20/20 is so true! Looking back on the last few months its so clear just how divinely guided this journey has been. In February of 2017 Paityn ended up at Primary Children’s Hospital, her heart was failing and the day she was admitted she had spiked a fever. The amazing staff at Primary’s diagnosed her the following morning with an extreme case of Crohn’s Disease.  Crohn’s disease is a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It is an autoimmune life-long disease.

The inflammation in her body was more than 6 times the normal rate. She had ulcers all over her mouth and covering her esophagus to her stomach. Because the inflammation was so severe they were only able to see about 6” into her large intestines. Where they could see, the ulcers were so deep that some went all the way through to other organs. Paityn was hospitalized for 8 days at Primary Children’s before the doctors decided to send her home with a feeding tube, plenty of steroids and other medications to give her body time to heal. Since there is no cure for Crohn’s Disease she will require life-long treatments and suffer random flair ups. We are optimistic her future is bright! And most importantly she has regained her desire to live! Her treatments will require infusions of immunosuppressant medications every 8 weeks, which means she will have to get used to needles and doctors! At this time she is focusing on healing and living as normal life as possible before she heads back to Primary’s for more testing and possible surgeries.