Derek Hoyt

A young man, full of energy, with a whimsical smile, cannot be summed up in one word.

DerekhangingWhen Derek was young, he would often be outside playing. Whether it be by himself or with his siblings, he would too often end up at the top of a tree or on top of the street light pole in front of the house. He so loved to climb and with his uncle would go rock climbing.

As Derek grew older he, like most teenage boys, began to enjoy video games. Yes, he enjoyed playing them but he soon developed a passion for what makes the games actually work, and over time developed a passion for coding, or computer programming, choosing this to be his career path.

While in high school Derek joined the Future Business Leaders of America organization. This gave him the opportunity to move forward and continue to hone his programming skills. He was able to attend code camps and compete in various disciplines of programming at local, state and national levels, bringing home awards for his talents and abilities.

When not perched in front of his computer, Derek would be off to the skate park or wherever he could go to practice his BMX trick riding. He would spend hours practicing, falling off his bike, getting back up and continue on. Derek’s drive for perfection always kept him going to be the best at whatever he desired.

Now in his senior year of high school, Derek so looked forward to going off to college, getting a job, and wanting to move out and be on his own. His family was so proud of him and his accomplishments.

However, this would soon change.

received_10204462974881917April 21, 2015, Derek was diagnosed with osteosarcoma: bone cancer. A large tumor was discovered on his right hip and pelvis. Further examination was performed and it was discovered that the cancer had spread to his lungs. Within a week Derek had begun chemotherapy with the hopes that the treatment would put the cancer in remission. The treatment was such that Derek would be in the hospital 5 days a week. After three months of treatment radiation therapy was performed to kill the remaining cancer cells on his hip. This proved successful and the tumor was now stable.

But, during all the treatment the cancer in his lungs continued to grow. Another round of chemotherapy was recommended by the doctors, and knowing that Derek has always been a fighter, he agreed and again began treatment here in Cedar. Derek’s body soon became unable to recover from the chemo, he had to receive many Blood and Plasma transfusions. His Oncologist talked to Derek about stopping chemo or trying a chemo drug in pill form, he chose the chemo pill. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving a pain pump was surgically placed inside, with a line that would deliver pain meds directly into his spine.

After 10 months of Fighting, it was discovered the cancer was not stable in his lungs. As a Doctor told Derek at Huntsman’s “Chemo has become like putting a bandaid on a wound that will not heal.”

A difficult decision was made by Derek, after meeting with all of his Doctors, to stop all chemo and be placed on Hospice at home.

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